Biosafety Occupational Health Program

The Biosafety Occupational Health Program (BOHP) is a subset of the Occupational Health Program, concerned specifically with worker wellbeing and occupational exposures associated with biological materials and animals.

One way the BOHP protects worker wellbeing is via the Biosafety Medical Monitoring Program (BMMP), a program which is exclusively concerned with preventing occupational exposure by means of medical monitoring.  This may include vaccinations, titer checks, and potentially blood analysis.

To enroll, complete the BOHP Confidential Exposure Questionnaire and submit it to the Biosafety Office.  The enrollment process is outlined below.

Who should enroll?

Anyone working with animals or biological material

How to enroll?
What happens after enrollment?

EHS conducts a risk assessment and the results of that assessment are emailed to you

What will EHS recommend?

The results will detail required trainings and recommend medical monitoring through the Biosafety Medical Monitoring Program (BMMP)

Participation after enrollment?

You MUST complete all required trainings

You choose whether or not to be vaccinated or have medical tests completed

However, you MUST submit you acceptance form to enroll in the BMMP