Reporting after an Emergency

In order to properly process injury (any wound or damage to the body) or illness (skin diseases or allergic reactions involving the individuals skin that are caused by work exposure to chemicals, plants, or other substances) cases reporting is required. An instructional guideline is listed under Occupational Injury Reporting for reporting work related injuries for faculty, staff, and student employees (student employees must be in working status at the time of injury to be eligible for Worker’s Compensation).  All incidents should be reported, please follow procedures listed below for specific reporting instructions:

Note: After filling out proper forms, please visit the Office of Human Resources for Worker's Compensation reporting.

Worker's Compensation

Georgia Worker’s Compensation Law mandates for employers to provide rapid medical and disability benefits for work-related injuries resulting in medical attention.  Work-related injuries should be reported by the supervisor or by the designated person by the department.

Workers Compensation Policies and Procedures are listed on the Office of Human Resources website.

  • An instructional guideline, First Report of Injury is listed under Workers Compensation which gives reporting instructions for Worker Comp cases.
  • Note: Only injuries requiring medical care or lost time from work should be reported to the Telephonic Claims Reporting Center. Injuries requiring only first aid or requiring no medical care should be recorded within the department as an incident only which can be obtained from the OHR webpage.