Standard Operating Procedures: How Can EHS Help?

Standard Operating Procedures are an important tool for a number of tasks, especially those involving higher-hazard risks and/or may be conducted by large numbers of researchers. While all of you are the subject-matter experts when it comes to the operational and experimental sides, EHS is here to be your consultants on the safety side. An SOP is a great way to ensure consistency in both operation and safety in your lab.

Need a template for a highly-reactive chemical or process? You can find one here:

Questions? Comments? Need EHS to review a completed SOP?  Please attach it and submit via email request, along with any inquiries or issues, to We are happy to send you initial comments and/or schedule an in-person meeting to discuss the SOP.

About to create an SOP and want to know if there’s something similar out there that another group and/or School is using? Use EHS as the conduit! We are happy to search the database, put you in touch with other academic colleagues using the material, etc. – to help you build the most useful SOP for your particular material and/or process. Just e-mail us at


The EHSA Database also now features an SOP icon where you can share SOPs that your entire group can access! Please make sure you’re taking advantage of this feature so that each person from your group has access to the same and most up-to-date SOPs.

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