The RoboMed Lab: An Example of Comprehensive EHS Collaboration

The Medical Robotics and Automation Laboratory, called the “RoboMed Lab” for short, is a new lab built for research in medical robotics. Under Director Jaydev Desai, its many future uses will include x-ray image-guided surgical robotics, cell manipulation and studies of surgical robots on tissue and organs.

The instruments and materials involved in these projects necessitated contributions from several EHS offices to ensure appropriate safety standards and regulations were met before the research could begin. For example, with any new construction, Fire Safety reviews plans to make sure codes are met; Radiological Safety got involved early to review the use of x-rays and to design shielding for the lab’s walls, doors and windows; Biological Safety helped the researchers apply for and obtain required biosafety approvals; Lab & Chemical Safety was consulted on chemical use and ventilation needs; and finally, Laser Safety was brought in to address concerns with a nearby laser cutter.

It’s not unusual for a lab to consult several EHS Offices, and this is just one example of the innovation fostered at Georgia Tech. We at EHS are always proud to do our part to make sure that faculty, staff and students can concentrate on such exciting research knowing that their work environment is safe.

Laser Cutter

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