May 2019 Laser Safety Burst

Online Laser Registration via EHSA Now Available Online laser registration is here! You no longer have to fill out and print a pdf, sign it and send it in. The form is now a part of the EHSA interface that is familiar to many of you that maintain a chemical inventory. Instructions for accessing and using the new online Form LR-1, Laser Registration is available at Please let me know if there are any questions. Documenting Laser Inspection Corrective Actions in EHSA After a laser inspection is completed by the Office of Radiological Safety, an inspection letter is distributed by e-mail. The cover letter indicates those items that were found to be unsatisfactory along with corrective actions needed for those items. Please follow the instructions on the inspection cover letter for logging into EHSA to indicate your corrective actions. A periodic notification email will be sent to you from EHSA ( as a reminder of outstanding corrective actions that need to be documented. If you had any corrective actions from the past year that weren't documented in EHSA, you received this notification from on Monday, May 13. Laboratory Laser Safety Notebook Changes Since essentially all of the laser safety program documents, forms, inspection results, etc. are handled via the EHS website, the online EHSA interface, and e-mail attachments, the use of the Laboratory Laser Safety Notebook that is given to each Laser Supervisor by the Office of Radiological Safety has changed. The only item now required to be maintained in this notebook and kept in the laser lab is the laser standard operating procedure. Feel free to continue to use the notebook to store other laser documents. Please print and insert the following laser program reference into your notebook copy If you are a Laser Supervisor and have not received your hard copy Laboratory Laser Safety Notebook, please let me know. Reported Laser Injuries/Incidents It has been 1531 days since our last reported laser injury, which was a retinal injury. Please continue to be diligent in maintaining updated versions of your laser safety standard operating procedures and properly implementing your laser control measures! It has been 43 days since our last reported laser cutter fire. Please ensure all laser engraver/cutter users have received hands-on operational training for these devices.
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