Biological Material Safeguards Committee

The Georgia Tech Biological Materials Safeguards Committee (BMSC) has the important mission of reviewing all applications for research, teaching, and training that involve the use of select agents, infectious materials and other biological material. The BMSC holds meetings as needed to review applications and discuss other issues related to biosafety. 

Current members of the BMSC:

  • Alfred Merrill, PhD, Professor, Biology, Committee Chair
  • Wendy Kelly, PhD, Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Susan Thomas, PhD, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Balakrishna Pai, PhD, Director of Instructional Laboratories, Biomedical Engineering
  • Ravi Kane, PhD, Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Alison Onstine, MS, Instructional Lab Manager, School of Biological Sciences
  • Mary Beran, MA, CPIA, Office of Research Integrity Assurance
  • Nazia Zakir, MS, Assistant Vice President of EHS, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Meagan Fitzpatrick, MPH, Biosafety Officer, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Shane Gillooly, Associate Biosafety Officer, Environmental Health & Safety

Length of Approvals:

Approvals last for 3 years.  PIs should submit amendments if:

  • The research plans change
  • Personnel need to be added or removed from the project
  • The project is finished and the approval should be terminated
  • The approval needs to be transferred to another PI

Submitting a BMSC Registration Form:

We use an online system called EHSA to maintain all BMSC approvals.  If you're submitting a protocol under a professor for the first time, please first login to the dashboard to establish an ID in the system, then send us an email with your professor copied requesting BMSC access to  If you're ready to submit your protocol now, visit the link below.


Instructions for submitting BMSC Registrations on Onsite:

Instructions for submitting new applications, amendments, and renewals to the BMSC through EHSA can be viewed in the EHSA handbook, linked below.