Administrative Controls

Administrative Controls are things that you can do to prevent chemical exposures that don’t involve Engineering Controls (things you build or install) or Personal Protective Equipment (things you wear) and include thing like proper handling procedures and personnel rotation.

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI) to insure that all persons working in his/her laboratory are made aware of all the reasonably anticipated hazards of the laboratory including but not limited to chemical, biological, physical, and electrical hazards.  See the General Lab Safety and Training Sections, and Creating a Culture of Safety.

Personnel Rotation is a practice whereby, in the absence of lowering the level of a contaminant or other hazard in the workplace, the time that a worker is allowed to be exposed to that hazard is limited, so as to maintain the worker’s overall exposure below legal limits: i.e. personnel are rotated through the workplace.  Personnel rotation is an acceptable practice in some industries where the level of contaminant/hazard cannot be readily controlled/protected against.  It is not considered an ethical practice where chemical exposures are controllable, and will not be used at Georgia Tech.