Secondary Containers

A secondary container is one to which a chemical or chemical product is transferred or the container in which a new chemical product/reagent is made and stored.

Immediate use containers are containers which are only expected to last one work shift and are not intended to leave the control of the person who filled them.  Immediate use containers must be labeled with the name of the chemical they contain- in English, and the name of the person who is using them.  Labels may be temporary, such as with a “Sharpie” marker. 

Extended use containers are containers that are intended to remain more than just one shift and include but are not limited to reagent bottles, squirt bottles, and spray bottles.  Extended use containers must be RTK compliant in that they must carry a permanent label, in English, with the contents identified by chemical name(s) and either an NFPA or HMIS label, appropriately filled out.

NFPA diamond   HMIS hazard warning system