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All new Georgia Tech employees are required to receive fire safety and evacuation training as part of new employee orientation.

CHEMATIX™ at Georgia Tech

Policy - Chemical Inventories at Georgia Tech

It is the responsibility of the Georgia Institute of Technology to provide employees with a safe and healthful work environment and to comply with all applicable State and Federal regulations. In order to comply with the Georgia Public Employees Hazardous Chemical Protection and Right to Know Rules, Georgia Tech selected CHEMATIX™ as its chemical management system to safely and easily procure, manage and inventory chemicals. Click here to see the Chemical Inventory Policy Statement.

Inventory Reconciliation Requirement

Georgia law requires chemical inventories to be physically reconciled twice each year and submitted in June and December. The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia therefore requires Georgia Tech to submit a consolidated chemical inventory in June and December of each year. CHEMATIX™ is the tool Georgia Tech uses to consolidate and submit those inventories. CHEMATIX™ streamlines the reconciliation process through the use of handheld barcode scanners and barcode labels attached to each chemical container. Additional guidance on the inventory reconciliation process is listed at http://www.cmis.gatech.edu/inventory.php.

Becoming a CHEMATIX™ User

Before you can start using CHEMATIX™ you must be added to a specific lab or other chemical storage location by an appropriate person. The following people may be able to assist you in becoming a CHEMATIX™ user:

CHEMATIX™ Training Resources

A variety of training resources are available for CHEMATIX™. They're listed at http://www.cmis.gatech.edu/training.php.

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