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Dangerous Gas Safety Program


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Debbie Wolfe-Lopez

Chemical Safety Manager


Shanell Riley

Chemical Safety Specialist


Morgan Wright

Chemical Safety Specialist


Required Training

RTK: All new employees must receive training on their rights under the Georgia Public Employees Hazardous Chemical and Protection and Right to Know (RTK) Law. Additionally, all employees who work with chemicals (labs, shops, custodial, landscaping) must receive refresher training annually.



Asbestos Hazard Awareness: All persons who work at jobs that may cause them to come in contact with asbestos such as custodial employees, maintenance workers, landscapers, building managers, and project managers are required by Federal law to attend Two Hour Asbestos Hazard Awareness Training annually.


Chematix: Chematix is the Chemical Management System that is required in all Georgia Tech Labs and Shops.



Hazardous Waste Awareness Training


Advanced Lab Safety for PIs and Lab Managers

Basic Lab Safety


Recommended Training

Understanding MSDS


We will bring any classroom presentation to your group of 6 people or more at a time and place convenient to you- just call us!

Lab Inspection Documents

Lab Safety Manual

For Assistance Contact:

Debbie Wolfe-Lopez

Shanell Riley Lab Safety Manual April 29 2013.pdf

Lab Signage - Interior

Lab Signage - Exterior

Programs/Policies/ Guidelines

Respiratory Protection

For Assistance Contact Morgan Wright Tech Respiratory Protection Program 8-12.pdf

Personal Protective Equipment Policy

Respiratory Protection Guide


GT Guidelines for Safe Handling of Nanomaterials

Hearing Conservation

RTK Plan

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers

For Assistance Contact Debbie Wolfe-Lopez

The GT Program for the Installation and Use of Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers is currently being updated.

Fume Hoods

Fume Hood Inspection Protocol

For Assistance Contact Shanell Riley or Morgan Wright

Lab Inspections

Lab Inspection Protocol

Lab Inspection Check Sheet

For Assistance Contact Shanell Riley or Morgan Wright


Lab Inspection Check List

Restricted Purchases 

For Assistance Contact:

Debbie Wolfe-Lopez,

GT Chemical Safety Manager

Dr. William Baron, Chair,

GT Chemical and Environmental Safety Committee

Restricted Purchases description update May 2013

Restricted Purchase Request- Chemicals

Restricted Purchase Request- Equipment

Non-ionizing Radiation



Shipping of Biological and Chemical Samples

For chemical samples, contact Shanell Riley or Morgan Wright.

For biological samples Contact Shane Gillooly:

Shipping Samples

Shipping Training is now available online with the Office of Organizational Development. The training can be found in the online tutorials section of the Trainsweb site ( The training is called Shipping of Hazardous Materials

Minors in GT Labs